Turtles Galore Ceramic Jewelry Mini Mural – Pcola…Graffiti customized to you. Mini Mural – Dragonflies 4 6×6 tiles

Turtles Galore

Bowls, Chip & Dip Dishes

Ceramic Jewelry

2″ ceramic discs on leather cord….$ 45 Mini tile on leather cord with beads…..$ 35 Beaded necklace with mini tile………..$ 75 Create your own…..select tiles from past photo library. Let me transform it into a mini for your neck! Brown, gray and black leather cords available for your selection. Cords are usually 16 – 20 […]

Mini Mural – Pcola…Graffiti customized to you.

Mini Mural – Dragonflies 4 6×6 tiles

PotterybyLorraine – 8×8 tiles – hand built just for you

Products and Price Points

Tiles 6×6 and 8×8 inch tiles are handbuilt from red terra cotta clay. 6×6 tile – start at $ 30 ea. 8×8 tile – start at $ 40 ea. Zen tiles – $10 extra for extra tile firing and detail work. All tiles have felt pads and are ready to use as a trivet for […]

Tiles – Original Designs…click here for images

Each piece unique.. Designed, glazed and fired…..these tiles are completed with a smooth finished backing that includes a hole for hanging, silicone feet to use as a trivet, or stand on a table easel like a photo. Sweet Floral/duet/Eileen & Lorraine Vagabond Tiger Fish/duet/Eileen & Lorraine Happy Catch/duet/Eileen & Lorraine Ribbit/duet/Eileen & Lorraine Dragonflies Set […]

Custom built for you…click here for images

Custom designed ceramics Created just for YOU! Artist Choice Nancy’s Dish Wedding Lace Wine Not Included! The Gang’s All Here Long Tulip Bread Dish Sultry Cookin’ Critter Maggie’s Sunflowers Trio Cookware Dragonfly Platters Fleet/centerpieces for Charity Luncheon Sea Salt Dishes Marta’s Angel Vase/Candleholder Combo

Custom photo transfer…click here for images

Custom photo transfer Take a photo and transfer it to a designed piece of your choice. Bird on a Twig Duet/Robin&Lorraine Spicy/Duet/Robin&Lorraine Beachy/Duet/Robin& Lorraine Poem Dish/Duet/ Robin&Lorraine Johnson Beach/Duet/ Robin&Lorraine Golfer Drawing/Duet/ T&Lorraine Starbeach Pensacola Naturally Duet/Robin&Lorraine