About Lorraine

Ceramics artist Lorraine Bracher retired from a 30 year career as a teacher and moved to Pensacola, FL with her husband, Greg. A pottery course gift from their children set her on her present day course. A fellow potter liked her finished pieces and asked her to do the final glaze and decorating stage for his pieces. This collaboration led to a Medal of Excellence in Art at the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival, the largest one in northern Florida.

Lorraine loves to hand build dishes, kitchen cookware, vases, and her latest....tiles! Her work has been shown in exclusive shops and museum stores. She also displays at charity luncheons, designing unique table displays with her artwork.

Her work is always evolving and different. Her specialty is finishing...the final outside coat of beauty. She loves trying out new techniques and effects. She also loves to apply photos and sculptural features to her pieces. She spends extensive time drawing details and hand painting the designs which is unique compared to the usual "dip and drip" you find most potters do.

Lorraine has formed friendships that have transcended decades. Her "Duet" series refer to collaborations with other artists:

Eileen Kuchinsky, a friend for more than 45 years, was a young teacher in NYC with Lorraine. They maintained their friendship via education, and now through the magic of internet. Eileen does wonderful drawings which she emails to Lorraine, who then translates them onto tiles.

Robin Brotsky Pagliughi, photography artist, married into the family. She specializes in beach and nature, especially when visiting the Pensacola beaches and forest right at Lorraine's door. Also, living in a different city, she emails her photos which Lorraine utilizes on her pottery

Another feature that makes her unique is that this is not a business....but rather a labor of love. See Lorraine's Mission page for more.